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The #1 Escrow Service for Transactions

– Protection against fraud

– Costs less than a Credit Card transaction

– FDIC Insured Transactions


We are able to keep buyer and seller anonymous and protected with our proven process. 



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Buy/Sell worry Free

Take the worry out of transactions.  Our process allows buyers to inspect the product before funds are released and gives sellers piece of mind knowing funds are in a secure location before shipping product. 

FDIC Insured Transactions

Our financial institution, Citizens State Bank, has provided  secure and save transactions for over 100 years.  Insured by the Federal Government and is in the Top 100 community banks in the nation.

Mediation Services

We secure your transaction and if something goes wrong you can easily cancel the transaction, negotiate directly, or use our mediation to resolve disputes. 

Medical Supplies and COVID 19

HESCROW is proud to be handling many transactions for medical supplies. In these uncertain times, we work at lightning speeds to make these transactions happen.

Are you a broker? No Problem.

We are not a marketplace. Entry and exit prices are not disclosed. 

Get signed legal documents in minutes using our proprietary platform. 

Brokers can be added to the terms and condition of the sale with ease.  No need for additional broker agreements.  

Seller does not want to pay fees? Simply adjust the purchase price  on the form. 


Attorney Backed:

Licensed in 15 Districts and Courts. 

Our process uses a legal frame work that addresses most issues that arise during a transaction. We review each transaction and give suggestions when needed. Our legal department is also licensed to practice in US. Federal Court

Frequently asked Questions:  

Why do you require a refundable retainer?

Simple: Hescrow does all the work, for the transaction, up front. That is why we request a $2000 refundable retainer and that amount is deducted when the transaction happens. We are flexible for smaller transactions..just let us know.

How much does it cost?

We review each transaction, but typically between 1-3%, depending on the amount and number of brokers. When there are more than 2 brokers, transactions typically take much more time and effort. 

What does the “H” stand for? 

Health. We want to improve transactions in all aspects of business and take risks out of them. 

How much time does it take to do a transaction? 

 We are able to get transactions setup and ready in a matter of hours if time is of essense.  Much depends on our current workload and bank business hours. Keep in mind that wire transfers have to go out by certain times depending if they are demostic or foreign. 


How it works

1)Register the transaction

Our workflow allows the buyer or seller to start the transaction and dictate the terms. Legal documents are generated and signed by both parties. 

2) Verify Product

The buyer verifies the product through any number of methods outlined in the agreement. 

3) Payment is released

Funds are released when all criteria met by the documentation and both parties are happy. 

Need Advice?

Call any time: (800) 617 – 5531

We can provide expert advice and industry resources
Our team is well connected. 


What we catch.

  • Misleading Product Description
  • Incorrect COA’s and test results
  • Fake Products
  • Shipping complications

Our Partners

Steven M. Sitek

Steven M. Sitek

Chief Legal Counsel

Ryan Sauter

Ryan Sauter

Over 10 years of experience in the compliance and licensing field.

Troy Berg

Troy Berg

Over 10 years of experience in the legal field and software industry

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From Our Clients

I think (H)escrow could be the most important link in business. .It finds the honest adults out there. 

~ Mike S.


“I’ll never do another transaction without you guys”

Jake D.

“This is the best thing I’ve found for my buyers and sellers. It takes the ‘what if’ out of the equation”

Mandi W.

“Hescrow is a no brainer for anyone who conducts transactions in this space. Too many unicorn deals in this industry.”

Scott F.

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